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I am a Computer Graphics Developer with extensive experience in Realtime Graphics and Interactive Experiences.

My Resume.


Inwindow Outdoor

I joined Inwindow Outdoor in New York City as a Senior Interactive Developer. Inwindow Outdoor is an innovative Out-Of-Home advertising company, and part of the reason I joined was because they had a very interesting business idea with much scope for creativity. Our initial team had 3 other members. We complemented our skills perfectly since they were primarily artists and designers with some programming experience and I was primarily a programmer with some design skills. Pretty soon we were putting out some very engaging, largescale, outdoor, interactive experiences for storefronts and mall locations. We designed concepts with new technologies in mind, and over the past couple of years, we have made walking on streets more fun for people. We have made them punch a piggy bank around to collect money, given them the experience of an urban storm, duel with an evil robotic snowman, made them blend in and disappear like a chameleon, introduced them to their twins and much much more.
I have the responsibility of taking the lead in technical direction and execution of all projects, primarily using C++, openFrameworks, GLSL, CUDA and an exhaustive and ever-increasing internally developed library (inwindowLib) for 2D projects and Unity3D and Maya/3DSMax/Cinema4D for 3D projects. On the hardware front, we have used wide variety of devices like the Microsoft Kinect, Time-of-Flight 3D Depth cameras, industrial grade SICK Lasers and capacitive Touchscreens.

SilverTree Media

On graduating from UPenn, I joined SilverTree Media, a small game development company based in Pittsburgh as a Game Developer. I discovered the wonders of the Unity3D game engine here and over the next year, I was part of a team that developed a bunch of Unity games that broke the boundaries of what could be achieved with this engine. The first of these was Cordy, which started out as an online only experiment but has now become one of the best apps on iOS and Android devices. The other game that I was involved in was Tron Legacy Light Cycles for Disney interactive Studios, which turned out to be a graphically stunning game in keeping with the spirit of Tron franchise.

Avalanche Game Studios & Disney Animation Studios

I got an opportunity to intern on an interesting project collaboration between Disney Animation Studios and Avalanche Game Studios. Touring through the Disney Animation offices on my first day of work was the stuff dreams are made of! The project involved integrating the game engine pipeline with the animation pipeline and harnessing the efficiency and rapid prototyping ability of the game engine to make the animation pipeline more efficient.


CGGT at UPenn was a whirlwind experience where I was exposed to so many awesome people with astounding skills and amazing technologies in graphics and animation. I managed to get a good grip on the basics, but by my own admission, never really mastered any technology, due to the hectic nature of the course. But each and every thing that I had learnt there has been put under practice so far. That’s the hallmark of really good quality education, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone!

Jump Games

In the interim, I switched jobs to get a head start on my future career by joining Jump Games (now Reliance Games), a mobile gaming company in Pune. Without a doubt, it was a life-changing experience. In 4 months there, I got my first shipped game with bugs n all!


Some months later, I finally had to bow down to peer pressure and joined up Infosys Technologies, Pune. I felt totally out of place in the formal environment, but nevertheless had a whale of a time not doing too much, but learnt Java, played Cricket in the best team I have been a part of and met my future wife along the way. After 2 years of fun and games, I realized I was wasting my time and decided to pursue my real passion. I applied and was admitted to the Computer Graphics and Game Technology course at the University of Pennsylvania.

Post Baccalaureate

After completing my baccalaureate in Computer Science in 2003, I decided to try and pursue my interest in art before I went down the well-trodden path of a Computer Science engineer. As a result, my first real job was freelancing in a special effects studio in Mumbai. There wasn’t much to do, but I spent my days learning hand-drawn animation techniques.

Other Interests

When I am not working or thinking about work, you can usually find me fanatically following the latest cricket score on Cricinfo (my wife’s only wish is to burn down that site). Besides following cricket, I play it pretty proficiently as well and have represented several top tier club teams back in India. I enjoy playing any kind of sport, for that matter. Indoors, I usually start reading a book or sketch doodles in my free time or play some board game. Catan!!