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Cars: Fast As Lightning

Disney Pixar’s Cars: Fast As Lightning

Lightning McQueen and Mater are hosting a Radiator Springs racing EXTRAVAGANZA, and they’re going to need some speed! Are you up to the challenge? Race and play as popular Cars characters with fast nitro-charged, turbo-boosted racing! Then build your own Radiator Springs, home of Lightning McQueen and his buddies!


  • Garage Mode Module: Was responsible for this mode which consisted of hi-resolution assets and effects for the showcased Cars.

I came up with a system to optimally load/unload these hi-res assets while the user scrolls through his Car collection. I also contributed to development of shaders to showcase the high-end look and feel of the Cars in this garage.

  • Hi-res 3D assets everywhere:  Including the tutorial prompts, the shop and garage carousel display, win/loss screens.

The system had to work inside the existing 2D menu system, so I came up with a way to load/render/unload the asset in an offscreen buffer and then use it wherever it needs to be used.

  • Special Effects:

Nitro-boost Motion Blur effect and the Ka-Ching coin and XP collection effect in game.

  • Graphics and Performance Improvements


Graphics and Gameplay Developer

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