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Motorola Droid


Attack of the Snowbots!! Based on the animated TV commercials that had come out before this campaign went live, the concept involved catching the snowballs thrown by an evil Snowman-bot with your Droid-powered mechanical arms. The arms are directly controlled through the user’s arm gestures. It was designed as a game, with the user receiving power-ups and points on catching snowballs.


The game was implemented in Unity3D.

Since Unity3D’s GUI system wasn’t very good at that time and we needed a really fluid animated visor HUD for this, I ended up building a system which used HUD animations created in Adobe After Effects which were then exported as a png sequence and used inside Unity3D as animated GUI elements.

This was an outdoor experience, hence we couldn’t go with 3D depth cameras. Hence we developed a gesture tracking system using normal webcams, which used the local motion of the user’s arms to determine the catching gesture. We implemented this as a separate module in openFrameworks and messaging happened with the main game using OSC.


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