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Peach is a social network that lets you share what you feel, think, see, hear, and do—vividly.
One of the key differentiators of this app is the use of ‘magic words‘, which uses command-line style typed shortcuts for various things.
Some of the examples of ‘magic words’ are draw, gif (search for gif), here (your location), goodmorning (greeting), mood (how are you feeling today), movie (which movie are you watching), play (play a quick game in the app), shout (say something with big words), throwback (random picture from your photos). All of the magic words enable you to share whatever comes up, thus giving off a fresh and fun vibe to posting updates.


I developed the drawing tool.
I was also involved in a couple of cool features which didn’t make it into the app. One of them was the ability to take a live 3d photo through the app from your phone camera. The posted photo can be scrolled through using touch as well as motion. This involved some computer vision work to get the stabilize the motion in that photo as well as an attempt bring out the depth in the photo.
I also helped out on developing features on the Android app, namely, the drawing tool, looping photo and animated shouts.


iOS Graphics Developer

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