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This was an interactive advertisement for the animated movie Rango starring Johnny Depp, in which the titular character is a chameleon who incidentally is terrible at being a chameleon.

The experience allowed users to blend in and disappear in to the street environment behind them. They had to stand still in order to see themselves disappear on the big screen in front of them. The less they moved, the faster they blended into the environment.

There was another component to the interaction where, when the users disappeared from the active environment, they would appear in a polaroid photo on the screen where they could pose and get a photo with Rango, which they could then get SMSed to themselves.

There was also another additional augmented reality component where a shadow of a hawk appeared on the ground below. The hawk appeared to circle over users who were moving, but as soon as the user stopped moving and started blending in, the hawk would stop circling them.


Implementing this concept with a 3D depth camera would have been easy, but that would have restricted us only to indoor environments. Since we wanted to have this campaign running on the streets, this was a much more challenging problem. The final implementation involved multiple levels of realtime background subtraction in order to make a person blend into his background.

The shadow of the hawk was laid out on a perspective-mapped grid laid out on a 3d plane which was custom built for each location, based on the angle and position of the camera.


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