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Meet your doppelgänger!
‘The Ringer’ is a TV series about a doppelgänger twin. We decided to let people interact with their twins on the screen for this interactive experience. People could pose and take photos and get them sent to themselves via SMS.


In order to have pedestrians on screen without getting a ghosting effect for the background as well, we had 2 levels of realtime background subtraction in this. The 2 level separation ensured that we can separate the pedestrians/objects moving at a faster pace than the background.

We then time-offset the layer by 2 seconds, so that on-screen, the user would see themselves on screen, and then 2 seconds later their twin would walk on and mimic what they did on screen. The twin layer also had some color correction so that their clothes would be visually different and would enhance the effect of being a twin.

The entire implementation was in openFrameworks using our custom library functions in C++.


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