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Spider-Man Unlimited

Disney Marvel’s Spider-Man Unlimited

Enjoy the thrill of swinging, running, and fighting through a chaotic New York on the brink of destruction, as the formidable Sinister Six attempt to gain unlimited power by opening a malevolent dimensional rift to our world. It’s up to Peter Parker and iconic Spider-Man variations such as Iron Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Future Foundation Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man and lots more to team up and stop them!


  • Villain Module: Was responsible for the entire Villain module, including his Motion and Attack AI systems.

Every Villain character in the game needed the intelligence to maneuver through the complex levels, for which I developed a waypoint navigation path system which the level designers could then use accordingly.

Every Villain also had unique attacks which he could unleash on Spider-Man. The Attack system I developed was aware of Spider-Man’s position as well as the level itself.

  • DLC Management System: The game was planned to be released with periodic updates with new content including Spider-Men, Villains and Levels.

Since the Level system was rule-based, it wasn’t possible to know which scenes and assets would be included without painstaking effort from the designers and artists. As part of the DLC system, I developed Python scripts to parse the level manager to accurately define which assets need to be packed in specific DLCs, while making sure that there is no redundancies so that the download size is kept at a minimum. There was minimal input needed from the designers for this.

The DLC Manager also included logic to replace/renew content for design related changes and bug fixes.

  • Graphics and Performance Improvements:

The game consisted of a rule-based sequential level-loading system. Profiled and came up with a level-loading optimization for the game by keeping track of the level size in order to determine which levels can be loaded next based on their in-memory size, while making sure there is enought variety in the levels being loaded.

I was also involved in optimizing shaders to work with low and high-end devices.



Graphics and Gameplay Developer

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