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Get your 15 seconds of fame by starring in your own movie scene!
Youtube wanted to promote their upcoming Movies product. So we decided to put people in their own movie scenes by giving them a realtime ‘Green Screen’ experience with corny dialogues and all! We had been supplied with 5 scenes for typical move scenes viz. ‘Escape from Prison Scene’, ‘Zombie Movie Scene’, ‘Motel Slasher Movie Scene’, ‘Romantic Song and Dance Scene’ and ‘Tough Guy with Explosion in the Background Scene’.

Users had to step into a custom Green Screen cube where they would have two takes to record their scene against a green screen, while watching the realtime composited scene on a tv screen in front of them. The final scene would then be uploaded to the Youtube channel for the campaign and the users would get a link sent to them via email or SMS.


This was a relatively simple implementation with a custom Chroma Key shader and realtime compositing and some scene direction. The biggest hurdle was the one week turnaround. This was also implemented in C++ using our inhouse inwindowLibrary built on top of openFrameworks.


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